"Women's Home" Project Enhanced

2019-2020 "Women's Home Enhancement Project" was on its last leg. In the afternoon of June 30, SWF, together with Shanghai Chun-Hui Social Workers Institute carried out their final guidance and supervision to 9 "Women's Homes" from the local districts before the coming assessment, including flag "Women's Home" at Jing-guo-yuan. Leaders and staff from the above-mentioned institutes were present at the guidance and supervision meeting.

Chun-hui Social Workers Institute guided "Women's Home" operators by applying to SWOT, a tool for assessment to discover their strength and rooms for improvement as well from practices did in combating against COVID-19 broke out in the city. Based on self-assessment did by "Women's Home" operators, Professor Wang from the Institute offered his suggestions to assist operators for improvement in the days to come.

Staff from SWF extended her thanks to the Institute for its professional guidance and direction. She furthered that the enhancement project was a reflection of SWF's efforts to deepening its structural reform, intensify its grass-roots development and exert more influence among the public.

It was said that the assessment was to start at the beginning of August.