Themed Family Education and International Family Day Marked at Jiading

On the eve of the 27th International Family Day, Shanghai Women's Federation, city authority for civilization program hosted a ceremony to mark the themed family education program start on May 15, as well as the 27th International Family Day.

SWF Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang, Gao Xiang, deputy secretary-general of CPC Jiading Division attended the event together with the other VIPs and 60,000 citizens registered online.

In her speech, Wang extended her solutes to women organizations, woman affairs staff and honored families for their wonderful performance and expressed thanks, on behalf of SWF to CPC local chapters and civil society for their dedication. She continued that it was a tradition for the Chinese to give a keen attention to enhancement of family advancement. As Wang put it for years, SWF, in line with President Xi's instruction, took "Seeking for the Best Family" as a tool to facilitate family tradition development. She called her colleagues to set good examples themselves for the local community in enhancing healthy family tradition.

At the event, two representatives selected from the honored families announced to call for families of more than 8 million to practice new healthy fashion and play a model role in leading a healthy life such as culturing thoughts for healthy family, recommending healthy food and custom for dining and etc. Shanghai Women's Federation, together with Shanghai Authority for Civilization Program disposed posters on practicing individual food servingat the spot. The best 15 families were honored for their excellent performance in a drive to combat against COVID-19.

Stage performance was presented to the participants to sing the praises of families which did a good job in dealing with issues related with benefits for community and state, especially those who made a tremendous contribution to bringing pandemics under control.