Women-Affairs Workers at SWF for Idea-Exchanges

On May 25, SWF hosted a meeting for woman-affairs workers from local government departments to exchange ideas and plans for the next stage. 11 directors in charge of woman affairs from the local government departments attended the meeting.

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng spoke at the meeting, in which she fully recognized excellent performance workers did in leading women civil servants to take part in a drive to combat against COVID-19 and raise donations to assist medics. She pointed out at her address that contributions to facilitate the local economic growth should be proceeded as usual though the coronavirus-pandemic would prevail as a constant situation. She furthered that woman affairs at the government departments were suggested to include singing the praises of those women elites while operating a drive for learning four-histories, especially those who were excellent at Anti-COVID-19, dedicating to issues related to local economic development as China International Import Expo and Women Seminar attached to International Conference on Man-made Intelligence and etc. She also urged the workers to guide career women to do research tours to inspire more career women to join in women programs and enhance advancement both for entrepreneurs and individuals. Woman workers were encouraged in the last to offer services to career women as perfecting their competence and ability to make themselves the best.

Zheng Ye from SWF shared with the meeting more information about the coming Import Expo.