SWF Chairperson at Hong-Kou for Research

On May 22, SWF Chairperson Xu Feng, led a group to Hongkou District for a research to understand better about workers back to workshop and production recovery.SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei, Senior Administrator Liu Wuping, and responsible people from SWF Hongkou Chapter and CPC Guangzhong Residential Section also joined the research.

During her tour at Hongkou, Xu visited local corporations like HuaYuanFang Energy Conservation Zone, Magnolia Plaza and HuPu Cultural Media and Broadcasting Corporation Ltd. where she listened to briefings from the above-mentioned unites on CPC service available and Homes for Women, including philosophy, module for running and etc. Women organizations had contributed a lot to enhancement of CPC activity and cultivation of a healthy cultural climate for Zone and Entrepreneurs.

Hu puCultural Media and Broadcasting Corporation Ltd, located right in the Zone, was an entrepreneur in care of technology facilitation, electro-commerce, sport competition and investment and nowadays turned into a unique entrepreneur for sport enhancement. Based on its multi-business dimension, Hu Pu succeeded in remaining its income un-affected while pandemic attacked the city. Gao-Si Cosmetics Retail Ltd. was good at developing more than one business as R & D, brand agent and etc. and it kept its success in inspiring career women clients to cherish their independence and self-sufficiency which led them to individual economic prosperousness during a spell when COVID-19 outbroke across China. Xu was delighted and encouraged them to keep it up.

At a meeting for research, Xu listened to briefings from a couple of speakers from law firm, designing business and etc. on their efforts to resume production as soon as possible when pandemic was brought under control in the city. Speakers came to the conclusion that pandemics was both challenges, but an opportunity, too.

Xu appreciated career women their braveness and confidence in a battle against pandemic by making a light of all difficulties derived.