Training Arranged for Newly-appointed SWF Staff

A training course was arranged at Shanghai Women Cadres School in benefit of those who recently appointed to take up posts at SWF. 56 newly appointed chairpersons and vice chairpersons of SWF chapters, divisions and sectionsattended the course.

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng attended the opening ceremony and presented her thoughts on organization reform and women advancement.

Xu extended trainees a warm welcome and put forward her hopes as follows: a better understanding of importance for the training, respecting rules and regulations assigned and practicing what has been learnt into practice.

Department chiefs from SWF lectured each on routine programs related with Commission for Advancement of Women and Children, public understand service and etc. against a background of woman organization reform. Prof. Chen Yan from Fudan University brought to the course her lecture on observing civil society from a perspective of gender. Three-Day course is excellent for its dimension in terms of contents and forms. Trainees to the course were impressed for they learnt woman organization better and know what to do better with their new posts.