Woman Organizations attached to Social Societies under Research

SWF held a meeting on May 14 to discuss issues related with enhancement of woman organization attached to social societies. SWF Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e attended the meeting and addressed. Vice chairpersons from SWF Chapters were invited to the meeting together with heads of woman organizations attached to the societies.

Sun responded at the meeting after hearing a briefing from speakers and made it clear direction and value for woman organizations the above-mentioned. In her address, she urged the woman organizations to carry out researches to find out demands of their clients to ensure their service matching, protect career women their legal rights and negotiate with government to backup woman organization enhancement. Sun suggested to sum up their best practices and make them models for other to copy.

SWF chapters presented their best practices and solutions to challenges. SWF would sort and organize data from the research and turn it into a report for reference in a bit to facilitate women organization enhancement.