Assistance to Applicants for Senior High and Universities

"Shanghai Service" Alliance was announced its establishment on May 14 and ran a News-release online afterwards. SWF Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang attended the event together with SWF staff from departments related as well as a group of applicants' parents invited. Zhang Jing, director of Women Affairs affiliated to the Commission for Construction and Transportation chaired the event.

Wang recognized performance did by "Shanghai Service Alliance" in supporting a drive of Anti-COVID-19 in Wuhan, taking part in the local prevention and control of pandemics and assisting local production recovery.

She pointed out at her address that the Alliance was nothing, but a platform to inspire career women to make contributions to the local economic development by following the overall situation of the city and SWF functions. Wang put forward her "Six Musts" as giving a full play to SWF unique strength to enhance women advancement, respecting Alliance's uniqueness in profession and function to apply its expertise to the local economic development in their leisure time and etc.

Zhang Ming, head of the Alliance, briefed the meeting programs put into practice so far. She furthered that the Alliance so far attracted 63 groups and teams of career women under five service chapters as medical service, governance service and etc. with learning and exchanges, interacting among themselves and servicing in the benefit of local community as its main tasks.

After the meeting, the Alliance initiated its first public welfare program, with which, Dr.Wan Yanping,a dietitian from Renji Hospital was invited to brief on a video projection under name of healthy nutrition for applicants for senior high and universities, including a background about it. The video was designed to guide parents to take care of their kids via proper feeding, correct behavior guiding and psychological consulting. It was to be projected via media to ensure more applicants benefited.