Routine-Meeting Held for SWF Establishments

SWF held a meeting on May 8 among its affiliated establishments as routine, at which both SWF Chairperson Xu Feng and Vice Chairperson Ge Yingming, attended and addressed. The meeting was chaired by Pan Weihong with responsible staff for the establishment invited to.

In her address, Xu stressed that SWF should keep giving a full support to the advancement of its establishments by guiding their HR program and offering assistance as expected, should attach an attention to their internal governance to ensure CEOs to take up their responsibilities in framing up their rules and regulations and put them into practice without any hesitation. Ge reiterated to have shortcomings corrected in time among all establishments and keep the bottom line untouched by respecting laws and rules as expected.

SWF Office reported to the meeting results from the supervision organs, including problems mentioned and explained to the meeting notices issued by departments related. Participants to the meeting shared with each other their reflections.