SWF Vice Chairperson at Qing-Pu for Research

SWF Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang, went to Qingpu District on May 8 for a research tour, together with Gu Xiujuan and Jin Weiqing, in charge of family and children affairs and woman advancement and liaison affairs respectively. Chairpersons from SWF Qingpu Chapter accompanied the tour as well as those invited.

Wang confirmed success achieved by SWF Qingpu Chapter in a "drive for Double-Competition and Double-Learning" initiated by All China Women's Federation. She pointed out that Qingpu was confronted with more opportunities and challenges at the same time, along with the development of Yangtze-River-Delta mainstreamed intoa national strategy for development in recent days. Against this very background, Wang urged her fellow staff at Qingpu District to enhance their capability, so as to take up more responsibilities in the local economicdevelopment as expected.

Zhang, in charge of the Qingpu Chapter, briefed the research group how it was done to contribute their bit to the recovery of the local economy, as well as to the advancement of the integration of Yangtze-River-Delta. The other speakers at the research meeting were girl village officials from the local community and woman leading farmers.

Wang concluded her research by touring a base for action related with the "Drive for Double-Competition and Double-Learning" and issued a plate for the base for action.