Themed Training for SWF Young Officials Held

On May 7, a themed training for young officials in SWF and related departments kicked off, also as a commemoration program for the 101th anniversary of the May 4th Movement. More than 70 young staff attended the training, while SWF Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e delivered a speech.

Sun commented favorably on the SWF Youth League Committee's work in 2020. She pointed out that a young officials' growth should follow three "combines"--- combine dream with capability, combine modesty with responsibility, and combineindividual development with the general women and children development.

Sun made three requests on the SWF Youth League Committee as well. Firstly, combine the requests on Youth Leagues' work with SWF work; secondly, develop feasible youth-related work carriers with profound analysis on SWF young staff condition; thirdly, work as a good helper in building young official team by discovering, training and recommending outstanding young officials.

And she encouraged the training participants to balance study and work well, learn actively and apply what they learnt in real practice, and be disciplined in the training as a SWF official.

Senior officials from SWF, Shanghai Scientific Child-reading Base and the Municipal Youth League authority shared their experiences and greetings with the young, while the young exchanged their thoughts on recent study and work.

Chen Guoli, a post-90s nurse of Renji Hospital who joined the medical corps for aiding Wuhan, shared the trainees what the corps have been through in the days, as a good example of the young professionals today.