SWF Chairperson at Chang-Ning for Research

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng, went to Changning District on April 30 for a research, together with SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei, Senior Official Liu Wuping, and the responsible staff from an association for female entrepreneurs and a department of liaison and advancement attached to SWF. Chen Huawen, deputy secretary-general of CPC Changning Division, senior officials in charge of women affairs, public health and medicine, commerce and foreign affairs companied the research group.

Xu started her research tour at Tongji Hospital to call at Ma Jun, both a National Pacesetter for Contribution to Economic Growth and a Red-Flag-Holder and Liu Yanhong team, who cured the very first COVID-19 patient when Shanghai was affected by Coronavirus Disease. Xu questioned about an operational program forpoints of medical isolation in Changning District and brought SWF thanks and souvenirs to medics for their accurate reaction towards the COVID-19 out-break at the local community.

Afterwards, Xu led her group to Ping-Duo-Duo Corporation, good at online Electro-commerce, to seek more information about its recovery for operation, during which, Xu heard that Ping-Duo-Duo took measures to help farmers sell their unsalable products via influencer marketing at Coronavirus pandemics. Xu and her group were exposed to big data for an online-purchasing which reflected Ping-Duo-Duo's assistance to farmers as well as its operation online right away. Touched by what Ping-Duo-Duo did, Xu extended her personal thanks to the electro-commerce-operator for what it did in the past daysand its preparation done for the coming "55 Purchasing Days" in particular.

During her tour inChangning District, Xu urged her colleagues at SWF Changning Chapter to assist with local HR in women elites nurturing, which as she believed was a key to enhance local environment for commerce. Xu ended her research tour at Xi-Hua Corporation Ltd.