Meeting Held to Enhance Women Homes

SWF held a meeting on April 29 to inspire women homes for improvement. Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF attended the meeting together with 140 staff from SWF at different levels.

Sun urged her colleagues to do a good job at three areas as turning women homes into a platform to assist social governance, enhancing women homes' efficiency based on reform requirement and sticking to a time schedule for upgrading women homes.

The meeting was made through two parts -- all-participant meeting and case studies. At the all-participant meeting, WeiYindi, deputy director of Jin-Guo-Yuan, briefed the meeting some changes took place with it and SWF Divisions from Xuhui, Fengxian and Chongming shared with the meeting their practices for enhancement.

At the case-studies meeting, four cases were studied by inviting professionals involved to help the participants better understand the significance of each. Questions and answers were arranged to clear off misunderstanding from the participants.

More training would be organized in July and August to start recommendation for women homeshonored to the higher grade.