SWF Chairperson at Fengxian for Research

On April 28, a team led by SWF Chairperson Xu Feng attended the opening ceremony of an overseas purchasing project and conduct a research on "Women Contributor" program. Luo Dajin, deputy secretary-general, CPC Fengxian Division and Han Dongmei, chairperson of SWF Fengxian Division accompanied the group.

Xu visited a number of facilities available for career women and commented that they were homes warm,effective and reliable for women indeed.

During their stay at Fengxian District, Xu visited Hu Kun, woman-pacesetter, president of Ma Le Automobile Technology Corporation and Yu Ying, vice president of Shang'mei Group and observed their production lines and products. Xu promised that SWF would try its best to reach more female presidentsand guide them to take part in a drive "Jin-Guo-Jian-Gong" to realize their value in the economic development. Xu visited Dong-Fang-Mei-Gu Group before she left Fengxian District.