Group Leaders for SWF Executives Gathered

SWF organized group leaders for SWF Executives together at Jin-Guo-Yuan for training. SWF Chairperson Sun Mei'e presented her orientation at the training with 20 group leaders and liaisons participated.

Sun commented on an active role played by SWF executives and put forwarded her requests as follows:

Firstly, groups encouraged to do research based on main tasks assigned for Shanghai city and SWF and lead executives to contribute their ideas and suggestions to it.

Secondly, groups encouraged to guide executives to supervise SWF programs and projects for good in a capacity of a leading body to SWF.

Thirdly, groups encouraged to keep communication with SWF departments and try to interact with each other.

Department of Human Resources presented a sum-up on executive group functioning and briefed on a task this year. After that, groups leaders shared with the meeting programs did in the past year and difficulties head of them. Some of group leaders offered their ideas for research assigned to them in the days to come.