Workshop Held to Upgrade Women' Home

Under guidance of SWF, Shanghai Center for Women Organization Advancement held a workshop to upgrade 19 Women's Homes honored. The Center would run three workshops in 2020 based on theme and running forms.

The first workshop was held on April 16 on a theme of "Global Coffee". Xu Jiatian, a specialist from city authority led a group of 30 from women homes and SWF to the workshop.

During the workshop time, participants were brought into five groups to go through selecting topics for arguing, finding a solution to it and etc. Participants were asked to think five questions as how to identify needs from their clients, how to confined kids to electronic equipment and etc. And they were encouraged to seek for a good answer to each of the topics for arguing. After the discussion, participants arrived at a consensus questions that an approach to satisfy clientsmore accurately and carefully was the key.

The theme of "Global Coffee" for theworkshop and a flexible group discussion did leave a deep impression on the incomers.