SWF Chairperson at Jia-ding for Research

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng led a group on April 15th to Jiading District for a research, together with Wang Jianzhang, Liu Wuping and Gu Xiujuan from SWF leading body on the tour. Gao Xiang, deputy secretary-general, CPC Jiading Division and others accompanied the research.

After a tour to Service Center for Guidance of Civilization of Households at the District, Xu hosted a meeting at which, she recognized progress achieved at Jiading for its uniqueness in helping local children. Xu indicated that SWF did its best to provide centers with projects as "Assistance from Neighbors" to ensure their service of good quality. She hoped that all SWF Divisions at district level do a good job of operating projects as "Centers" and "Assistance from Neighbors". She urged her colleagues to mainstream centers development to enhance local governance, carry on the project of "Assistance from Neighbors" to reach those children in need. Representatives from local Centers presented their best practices at the research.

During her research tour, Xu visited the other establishments in service of local families, women and children.