Family Education Forum Continued

When COVID-19 broke out at the beginning of 2020, all schools across China postponed their new school terms. However, Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF), together with Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences carried on their well-known forum on familyeducation for five times via live broadcast on-line.

Professor Wu Ping,one of the lecturers from Tongji Hospital attached to Tongji University, stressed during her talk on nutrition for children to enhance their immunity. As so far there wasn't any medication good for killing COVID-19,Pro. Wu put it that enhancement of one's immunity was more important than ever. She suggested parents to provide their kids with more protein, vitamin and ironat this time of the year and she furthered that it was also important to eat more cooked food and keep personal hygiene as one could.

Wen Yu'mei, an academician of China Academy of Sciences was invited to the Forum as well, at which, she shared with parents her tricks on prevention of diseases she personally prepared. She indicated that there were three channels used to bring diseases under control, which were holding sources for infection in check, cutting off route of transmission and enhancing one's immunity. She urged parents to have dialogues with their children and senior ones to keep them in good mood.

Professor Shang Biao in charge of Shanghai Institute of Educational Science explained his thoughts at the Forum by saying that parents should keep a positive attitude towards the situation they were confronting with and guide their kids to manage their time and learn to be masters of their own. He suggested parents to pay more attention to authorized data and keep themselves informed of the epidemic progress. Parents were also suggested to stay longer with their kids at physical exercise to enhance their relationship. It was suggested as well when parents got nervous, they should learn to speak up or seek assistance from professionals.

Professor Yang Xiong from Shanghai Academy of Social Science was a chief designer for the Forum. He talked on how to led kids to carry out their learning and daily life. He reiterated that education on managing a daily life was a coreof family education, which to some extent, helped kids to enhance their ability. The epidemic in action provided kids with an opportunity to learn to grow up, as kids usually learnt more from challenges ahead of them. Professor Yang also mentioned that trust established between teachers and parents was a key to school education on line.

Li Ai'ming, PhD in pedagogy commented in a capacity of lecturer for the Forum, that education online laid a milestone for this age. Her talk was on what should parents do as they were expected to lead the education online. She argued thattraditional roles in school educationwere changed, so was learning size and environment during the time when epidemic broke out. Parents were expected to play more roles as planners, masters of the class, tutors and cookers, who should learn to respect children as they were subject of the learning course, re-frame up and think out value of family education and tend to learn from their kids bravely.

The online Forum was very much appreciated with as many as 40,000 people attracted.