SWF Vice Chairperson Went to Sha-tian for Research

SWF Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e led a group on March 31 to call at Shanghai Sha-tian Property Management Corporation for a research to understand better its function and difficulty ahead.Zhang Jing, director of Women Affairs attached to City authority overcity transport and a responsible person from the corporation accompanied the research tour.

During the time when COVID-19 broke out at Wuhan, the Corporation kept working at communities to have the epidemic in good control by providing its staff with sufficient materials for protection and ensuring them with payment at regular pace, though the Corporation gained less income from its service. It was mentioned that the Corporation was renowned for its service offered by its female-security-guard-team, which was once honored "Jin-Guo Civilization Post".

Sun from SWF recognized a unique role the Corporation played in the Anti-Epidemic-Drive and its contribution to it. She urged the Corporation to keep it up until the last, since the Drive was expected to stay longer. At the same time, Sun promised that her team would do its best to reflect difficulties existed among property management businessas well as suggestions from the less-profited business group to the city authority for reference and consideration.The suggestions mentioned were as to carry out a drive to recognize model workers in the business and set up a coordinated framework among resident committee and organs for property management,property owners and woman affairs to ensure community safety and an efficient communication.