SWF Vice Chairperson at Jin-shan for Research

SWF Vice Chairperson Weng Wenlei went to Jinshan District on March 31 for a research of household service governancetogether with Zhang Lili from Shanghai Household Service Association. Xin Yadong, deputy secretary-general of CPC Jinshan Division accompanied the research tour.

Xin welcomed the group and commented that the CPC Division kept an intense attention to SWF Jinshan Chapter with its programs and urged the Chapter to mainstream the household service provision into the coming Five-Year Plan for Jinshan advancement.

Before the meeting, the group from SWF went to visit a nursing center, who highly spoke of its service offered to the seniors there and recognized its action to include household service into the next Five-Year Plan for the local district. Zhang of Shanghai Household Service Associationprovided the local people with her suggestion on household service development.