SWF Chairperson at Songjiang for Research

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng,Vice Chairperson Wang Jianzhang, and Gu Xiujuan, in charge of Family and Children Affairswent to Songjiang District for a research of childrenin difficulty. Xiao Wengao, deputy secretary-general of CPC Songjiang Division together with two staff from SWF Songjiang Division accompanied the research tour.Volunteers to a program "Care from Neighbors" were invited to the research meeting.

Before the research meeting, SWF group called at children in difficulty with SWF greetings and souvenirs. Xu commented SWF Songjiang Division for its leading role played in the past days to encourage neighbors to help each other. She furthered that SWF should do it could to give its grass-root subordinary a secured assistance, so as to reach as many groups in need as possible.

Lin from the local SWF Chapter, assured the group from SWF that her group would mobilize more forces available to take part in a program naming "Care from Neighbors" to inspire people at community to help each other. SWF at grass-roots shared with each other their practices when COVID-19 broke outacross the country.