Teaching-Research Session Held at Woman Cadre School

Woman Cadre School initiated its first teaching-research session on March 16,as to improve the teaching staff's qualification and ability in education. All teachers at the school attended.

The session was carried out at three phases. Firstly, exchange ideas based on staff self-learning on gender studies, status of teaching preparation in the past days and their plans for self-learning and teaching preparation in the next half a year; secondly, share understanding of "The Agenda for SWF Education and Training from 2019 to 2023", and discuss about possible innovations in teaching contents and methods during the anti-COVID-19 period of time; thirdly, discuss about the teaching-research session this year and oriented themselves in teaching and research in the coming days.

At the session, staff shared with each other their gaining from self-learning and best cases used as reference for teaching suggested. Yang Danrong recommended a book written by a Japanese writer which disclosed how sex discrimination covered at social cultural events. Hua Cheng recommended a book named "Woman Utopia" written by Prof. Li Xiaojiang, who told a story of woman-related issues taken placed and a history of gender studies since China implemented its Opening-up and Reform Policy. In the end, the session helped the teaching staff to tackle with difficulties generated while preparing their teaching.

To be followed up, the school was ready to make the sessions done at regular pace to inspire teaching staff keep up their self-learning and pay more attention to perfecting curriculum development by making light of difficulties derived from the current coronavirus situation.