Seasonal Greetings Brought to Grass-roots

Cares delivered by SWF remained unchanged at this time of the year, when an epidemic broke out throughout the whole nation. SWF at city and district levels sent her groups to bring seasonal greetings to woman staff active at grass-roots to support anti-coronavirus disease drive by displaying their roles of "Holding up a Half Sky".

Together with her colleagues, Ge Yingmin visited Shen Wanying, director of a co-operative for agricultural products and an honored city-wide "Red-Banner-Pacesetter", to send her a seasonal greeting, as well as asked her about her business and possible needs.

At the same time, SWF, Song-jiang Division made three trips to local hospitals to send seasonal greetings to female medics there and families whose dear ones were sent to Wuhan for assistance of epidemic control and prevention drive. Woman workers at homes for seniors, public transportation and medical materials production were also called upon on the eve of the International Women's Day. SWF Songjiang Division visited more than 1200 career women on the eve of the Women's Day.