Fighting for Preventing and Controlling Coronavirus Disease

The whole nation was united as one to prevent and control a spread of coronavirus disease soon after it outbroke in Wuhan. In answering to a call from Shanghai Women's Federation, women organizations affiliated to Shanghai science and technology establishments made no time to encourage their female colleagues to work on anti-COVID-19 related scientific researchregardless of difficulty,as well as share with the local communitytheir knowledges on the epidemic disease prevention and control related for public understanding.

Female researchers under the leadership of Shanghai Science and Technology Administration devote themselves to researches in no time to analyze COVID-19 and its virus gene, drugs screening, clinical tests, diagnoses agent production and vax production and gained a temporary success since Shanghai initiated its drive to combat against coronavirus disease. Hao Pei, a researcher from IPS CSAtogether with her colleagues, presented her paper on line to explain academically coronavirus evolution and its mechanism to infect human being, who was the first in the academic world to give the explanation to the public. At the same time, she joined in Shanghai Research Institute for Nutrition and Health to establish a cloud platform for automatically identifying virus gene. Huang Wei, a researcher and a nation-wide "Red-Banner-Pacesetter" set up a group at the first time in the name of "Anti-Epidemic Guidance Team" affiliated to "Southern Center" and turned out testing agent for identifying nucleic acid of COVID-19, Which was the first batch of testing agent for clinical use throughout the whole nation. Mao Hongju, a researcher from Shanghai Research Institute for Macro-system and Information Technology diverted herself tocoronavirus study day and night and turned out a mini-portable test agent at a faster speed for clinical use. Female scientists' team from Drugs Institute of China Medical Academy of Sciences eventually identified a couple of bioactive compounds and drugs ready for clinical use, of which, some were ready for a further research and development between the Institute and drug enterprises.

Female scientists were active at the public dissemination program to inspire local citizens to protect themselves in a right way, asWang Enduo, an academician of CAS helped the local broadcasting station to do charity advertisement. Some female scientists offered their presentation on prevention and control of the current epidemic in a non-professional wording to assist the public to have a better understanding of the epidemic situation. Female correspondents from Shanghai Science and Technology News presented more publicity related both on and out of lines and published pocket books to help the public to know betterabout COVID-19.

Gu Jieyan from the local science museum designed a competition project related with knowledge of coronavirus together with more colleagues from other science museums along the Yangtze River. It turned out that more than 300 museums supported it and 357,000 participants attended it, which was recognized by the National Association for Museums afterwards and was asked to be open to all citizens across China soon.

When medical materials related were in short supply, female researchers from the circle of science and technology donated not only funds and materials to assist medics at the forefront, but also joined in an effort of local community to prevent and control the epidemic spread. Kan Pengpeng from Shanghai Research Institute of Trade Technology took part in a cloud charity platform, at which, she recruited 100 volunteers in three days to help with data analysis, providing counselling service and sorting medical materials in need by medics. Shanghai Union for Female Scientists initiated a charity project, which succeeded in raising 80 thousand RMB in two days for anti-coronavirus disease drive. What was more that the Union raised more testing agents, tooth cleaning water and etc. given to female medics working in Wuhan hospitals. Female staff from the Administration walked out their offices to join in the city drive against COVID-19 at grass-roots.