Honored Jingguo Team at Bao-Shan District Greeted

On March 10, SWF Chairperson Xu Feng visited an honored team at Baoshan District, a law-execution brigade from Market Supervision Administration, Baoshan District, to send brigade-mates seasonal greetings and recognized their active roles in the current drive for blocking epidemic. Zhou Zhijun, deputy secretary of CPC Division, Yu Chunhong, chairperson of SWF Bao-Shan Division and Gu Jing from the Market Supervision Administration attended the trip.

During her visit to the team, Xu asked the teammates their work and life in those days and expressed her appreciation for female staff keeping work at their posts without any hesitation to help local enterprises to recover production orderly and supervising Market earnestly to ensure local residents their lives safe and un-interrupted. She hoped the team to keep it up and further play a role of "Hold up a half Sky" as expected to win over the battle of epidemic blocking.

The Law-Execution team is in charge of supervision of food production, whose 63% of its staff are female. During the epidemic-blocking drive, two female heads led their team work full-time at the anti-epidemic forefront and plaid a role of "leading wild goose" as expected. On eve of the International Women's Day, the team was honored for its excellent performance.