Women Staff at Grass-roots Called upon by SWF Leaders

On March 5, eve of the International Women's Day, Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF, together with her colleague Liu Wuping called at a residence committee at Meilong township, Minghang District to send women staff at grass-roots seasonal greetings and thank them for working bravely at the forefront of anti-epidemics.

Bai Liyan, in charge of mediation service, shared with the coming visitors her experience in dealing with disputes in the past years and her personal story about how she led her group to take part in the current anti-epidemic drive. Bai's stories touched the visitors and won recognition from SWF leaders. Sun called women staff at grass-roots to learn from Bai and contribute their bit to the current drive to block COVID-19.

Sun sent her seasonal greetings to the local woman staff together with seasonal souvenirs during her tour to the grass-roots. Tao Sheng, Chairperson of SWF Minghang Division and Guan Yan from the Ownership government were present at the event.