Production-recovered Enterprises called by SWF Chairperson

As the International Women's Dayapproaching, Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF and deputy director of Shanghai Commission for Advancement of Women and Children visited some enterprises as Shanghai High-Tech Biology-Engineering Cooperation and Shanghai Fang-li Digital Science and Technology Cooperation located at Zhang-jiang High-Tech Zone together with Zhu Qianwei. They sentseasonal greetings to the female workers there and brought all workers solutes for their prompt response to a call from the government for production recovery.

Shanghai High-Tech Biology-Engineering Cooperation is a biol-drugs manufacturer. Among its workers, 60% are female with Ms. Lu Wanying as the CEO, who has worked in biol-drug production for more than 30 years and succeeded in turning out a group of lysostaphin products and honored first-class by Shanghai Science and technology Advancement Prize Program. GK antibacterial peptide produced by her Cooperation is so good at killing the first eight super-bacteria out of twelve listed by WHO. As soon as COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan, Lu led her group donate 50 cases of sterilizers to the National Sterilizer Associationand 70 cases of sterilizers to hospitals in Shanghai which sent out medics team to assistcolleagues at Wuhan hospitals. Xu of SWF visited the Cooperation soon after she got a word that the Cooperation recovered its production as early as January 30,2020.

Shanghai Fang-li Digital Science and Technology Cooperation Ltd is the first supplier for bank-robots in the country and a R & D enterprise supported by the city government. Ms. Yang Panpan, pioneer and president for the Cooperation is an honored "Red-Banner Pacesetter" and one of the honored best female entrepreneurs in Shanghai. When the epidemic broke out, she led her team on the second day of the Spring Festival to turnbank-robots into medicine-delivery-robots in a bid to bring down medical staff's risks for infection. Up to now, the Cooperation has donated six robots of different functions to hospitals in Wuhan for service. Xu of SWF and her team were shown robot's performance. Shesuggested the Cooperation producing intelligent robots to help elderlies at homes for seniors and expressed her wish to witness more robots turned out to upgrade livelihood of the local community. During her trip to the two companies, Xu presented her seasonal souvenir to female workers there with leadership from SWF Pudong Division in accompany.