Themed Art Works and Video-Films Collected for Good

Shanghai Research Center for Healthy Child-Nursing initiated a themed educational program since February 3in response to a program designed by China Center for Children Advancement under a theme of "Motherland and Countrymen at My Heart".

The themed educational program in Shanghai included an art works collection under a theme of "Blessing Motherland and Recording Warmness" and a collection ofvideo-films under a theme of "Unusual Holidays" to presentparent-child-interaction while they were asked to stay at home. The program was designed to inspire children to record the unusual time they spenttogether with their parents when the epidemic broke out, extend their appreciation to medics and those who worked against the epidemicat the very forefront and spoke aloud their bless for motherland and countrymen in Wuhan.

The program was very much cherished by schoolers and their families and it was recorded that 700 pieces of art works and more than 200 video-films were contributed for collection by March 4, which voiced blessings from younger contributors for motherland and medics. The Center itself leant more tactics to guide families to make a good use of the time when an epidemic broke-out, to help their kids to learn more about COVID-19, understand better meanings of responsibility and enjoy family life while confined to household. The Center did what it meant to bring families healthy energy and practice its mission to serve children, support families and contribute to the society.