Donation Offered to Aid Anti-Epidemic Battle by Women Entrepreneurs in Hongkong

In the mid-night of January 30, Li Ciling started a Web-talk among her mates at Hongkou Association of Women Entrepreneurs, at which she called for a donation to back up anti-epidemic battle across the district. 110,000 Yuan RMB were donated among her mates through Web-talk at the first 24 hours.

Li is an active lawyer and firm director as well, who donated 50,000 Yuan RMB on behalf of her firm. She said that The Association members were all loving women who always showed up at charity events when needed, either comforting elderlies from homes for seniors or helping with children in difficulty from poverty-stricken areas.

Even before the call issued, some Association members like Chen Wei, Liu Jinyue, Wu Ye, Fu Hong, Cheng Xinfeng, Sheng Peilin, Shi Huijuan and Ni Xingfang had already presented their donations to charity foundations. Chen Wei in particular, donated 300,000 Yuan RMB in cash and materials at worth of 100,000 Yuan RMB. Donators commented later afterwards, that as a member of the local community, they should response at the first time when they were needed, let alone assisting medics working in the very front of the current anti-epidemic battle, who were our neighbors, pride and our dear ones.

In recent days, female-entrepreneurs resumed their production as expected while managing to prevent her workers from being infected by epidemics. They are positive about their business development though interrupted for a while because of epidemics.