Five Measures Taken by Changning Division Effected

SWF Changning Division took five measures to support the battle against COVID-19, after listening to President Xi's instruction on blocking epidemic spread.Measures taken were as follows:

Firstly, giving a full play to women organization strength by calling women to play a unique role both at social and family lives and exert their efforts to social and economic recovery.

Secondly, doing a good job in advocating women's contribution in the battle against COVID-19 and economic recovery.

Thirdly, offering a psychological consultation hotline service to comfort women ease up and well manage any disputes derived from bad mood.

Fourthly, assisting groups in difficulty to solve their problems such as women in pregnancy and career women who had disputes with their employers.

Fifthly, caring medics and their families by delivering vegetable and daily necessity to free medics their worries.