An Active Role SWF Jin-shan Division Played in Anti-Epidemics

In answer to calls from women organizations at the time when COVID-19 outbroke in Wuhan, SWF Jinshan Division took an action in no time to urge her mates reach each village and household to ensure anti-epidemic measures effected.

SWF Jinshan Division was excellent at framing up a network for information relaying. News of a call to contribution to bring epidemic in good control was circulated through its official website and more stories on medics fighting against COVID-19 were carried in the following days. A record was broadcasted among local neighbors in local dialect on news of anti-epidemic situation.

SWF Jinshan Division was excellent at mobilizing her mates at careers and those households honored by SWF. Jinshan Division called her mates and households honored to play an active role in the Anti-epidemic Battle. By January 31, 2412 executives, 109 women pace-setters, 334 households honored and 4197 volunteers were organized to back up efforts against epidemic spread.

SWF Jinshan Division was excellent at guiding residents and workers in self-protection and self-prevention. A group of women entrepreneurs from Jinshan District, in answer to a call from SWF, donated money to local charity foundation. Woman-headed cooperatives were busy harvesting vegetables to ensure city supply on time and an executive presented her suggestion to the local government to keep used masks in good control, which was well accepted and measures was taken into action in no time.