SWF Xuhui Division Active in Anti-COVID-19 Battle

Since epidemic outbreak took place in Wuhan, "two frontiers" for combating against epidemic infection emerged at both hospital and residential areas, where SWF Xuhui Division mobilized her contingent in no time to exert themselves to help with the prevention of epidemic spread. SWF Xuhui Division did three things as follows:

Firstly, notify her colleagues at all time to keep themselves in safe. Xuhui Division kept her mates informed of News from Women's Federation at different levels through Web-talk to guide them do things right at this special time as turning their back to all rumors, let alone carrying it on, wearing masks when out and cutting down their outdoor trips.

Secondly, Assist quarantine as they could. Xuhui Division urged her executives at every level to be volunteers for registration of those who just came home from out of towns, working on duty at outlets to check on deliver-men and car-drivers if their temperature were normal and collecting garbage and buy sterilizer for households in quarantine. The executives from SWF Xuhui Division helped with cleaning for each residence building, too.

Thirdly, Enjoy a good reputation among neighbors. One good example was that Su Rong, head of Changchun Resident Committee at Tianlin Neighborhood not only delivered news and information to her neighbors to keep them in calm , but also led her team to sterilize the residential area and wrote a diary to keep up each of progress during the period of epidemic outbreak.