Caregivers and Trainees for Skills under Care in Pudong

SWF Pudong Division responded a call to support a nation-wide epidemic termination and prevention drive at the first time. It guided her service center to pay an attention to caregivers and trainees for skills to ensure them free from epidemic infection.

What Pudong Division did was to set up a leading group for epidemic prevention with an administration office which relayed a call from All-china Women's Federation among woman workers and encouraged households to practice as expected.

In addition, the Division cooperated with Commerce authority to take measures to prevent all workers from infection of COVID-19 by notifying 76 people in charge to well care of their workwomen on a list at the first time and arranged caregivers who came back from Hubei Province these days to be quarantined at residence for two-week days before next care-giving assignment issued.

At last, Pudong Division rearranged her registration and training for newcomers for care-giving jobs by cutting down gathering as much as possible, sterilizing facilities around and putting off face-to-face training course until February 17.