Working at G15 Outlet in the Spirit of "Xiao-Tang-shan"

A volunteer team of 8 women in their 30s rushed to their new duty at G15 Outlet to scheme each pass-byers for epidemic-suspect check.

The team was headed by Li Danyue, who once worked at Xiao-Tang-Shan, a hospital of epidemics at Beijing when SARS outbroke at the beginning of this Century. Li is nowadays a chairperson of neighborhood woman organization.

Nobody took break with long queues of cars at G15 outlet, as they hoped to help car drivers pass sooner and reach their homes earlier. They questioned all drivers about their itineraries for trips in tours and test their temperature to ensure city, town and drivers safe. Gratitude from the passers-by were great comfort for the team.

The team were proud of being on duty at northern doorway of Shanghai to help medics to prevent the city from epidemic infection.