Vegetable Provision Ensured by Female-farmers from Chongming

Since COVID-19 broke out, demand for vegetables rose greatly which led to a short supply. Female-farmers from Chongming answered to a call from the District Government promptly and rushed to harvest vegetables from field as much as they could by making a light of difficulties on the way, thanks to a help from Women's groups both from the district and township.

Shanghai Xiangnong Cooperative for Fruit and Vegetable located in Xianghua Township, Chongming District, is headed by a female-farmer and is a contracted supplier to Fresh Hema and Ding-dong Grocery. During the epidemic outbreak, the demand for vegetable supply from the Cooperative was once increased by 70% on a single day as January 29. The needs could not be met, even if the Cooperative workers working 12 hours a day. Local women organization noticed the difficulty and offered its hand to mobilize neighbors around to set up a volunteer team of 20 to help with harvesting. In the spirit of safety first, the whole team eventually completed 70% of the target assigned by 7pm, which doubled the speed as usual.

Just like Xiangnong, female-headed Cooperatives did what they could to help with the Anti-Epidemic Battle, such as Wangbo Cooperative for Fruit presented a process line for harvesting and packing of all sort of vegetables with an assistance from 30 volunteers of the town together with its own 20 workers, who worked hard to ensure supply of vegetables for the local residents. In addition, more than 50 masked workers from Jinjie Vegetable Cooperative were busy cutting, packing, weighting and loading vegetables without any intermission during workdays. Vegetables were bought out right away by local residents once on the stand.