Contribution from The Best Family in Huangpu District

Li Shoubai, the host for the Best Family honored, together with his family cared much about the epidemic situation since its outbreak in Wuhan. On January 27, Li went to Shanghai Charity Foundation for donation on behalf of his family.

Li and his wife are both artists, who have opened a company to share with the local community their talents in carrying on and developing Chinese art tradition. Nurtured in the family, his post-90s daughter is also active in public welfare service as her parents.

While donating at the Foundation, Mr. Li drafted a poster with his own design under name of Countermarch Person to sing the praises of medics who made a light of difficulties to join in a battle against Coronavirus disease without any hesitation. His poster was in a hope as well to terminate the epidemics, so that families could resume their union and happiness sooner. Li commented that as an artist, he would like to do his part in supporting the community on this occasion.