Assessment meeting on "Shanghai Women's Federation Chronicle" held


An assessment meeting on "Shanghai Chronicles - Women's Federation Volume" , or "Shanghai Women's Federation Chronicle", was held at SWF on January 17, with participation of experts from Shanghai Chronicle Office, the Municipal Government Office, China Welfare Institute Chronicle Editorial Board, Female Journalist Association, Shanghai Normal University, Baoshan District Chronicle Office and SWF.

Ge Yingmin, vice chairperson of SWF, addressed that Shanghai Women's Federation Chronicle recorded the history of women's federations and their works in Shanghai from 1978 to 2010, and tried to objectively reflect the condition of women population in Shanghai and the works of women federations at different levels, such as carrying out gender equality as a basic national policy, protecting women and children's legal rights, leading women devoting to the economic and social development, and serving comprehensive households in Shanghai throughout the 33 years. It is a precious achievement of the editors. She expected precious advices from the experts, so as to help SWF work better, with history as a mirror.

Yu Weixing, chief editor of Shanghai Women’s Chronicle, reported on the Chronicle editing work. The expert team agreed that the Chronicle took a good point of view, well reflected the history of SWF development, carried distinctive feature of the city, time and gender, with sufficient and comprehensive content. Yet, further perfection was expected on frame, photos, summary and chronicle of events.

Wang Yiqun from the Shanghai Chronicle Office hoped that the editors would revise based on the advices, so as to better reflect women federations’ role in Shanghai economic and social development.