Widows Visited by SWF


On the eve of New Year's Day, SWF leader led a group of SWF staff related to visit widows whose spouses were elites and entrepreneurs active in Shanghai in the earlier years of last century to bring them a seasonal greeting and allowances.

Those widows and their spouses were big contributors to the enhancement of the National United Front in the past years. At present, widows visited were averaged at age of 80, with the eldest at age of 98.Widows were so grateful to SWF for its attention and care. They said that they did what they should in those years to benefit city and country. Widows have led a plain life and remain their dedication to their motherland unchanged for years, which certainly set up a good example for the younger generation to follow.

SWF staff reflected that their visit to widows was an act to remind them of the history and what they wanted to do at the very beginning.