Summing-up for Psychological Hot-Line for Women & Children


Wei-Er-Fu Psychological Hot-Line for Women and Children hosted its annual summing-up meeting in Jan.10 at Jiading District. Yang Chuanxin who initiated the Hot-Line, Yang Yefang and Jin Wanxian, vice chairpersons, SWF Jia-ding Division and 20 volunteers and Woman-carder School staff were present at the meeting.

The Hot-Line was designed to give an ear to women and children. It was said that among all calls from year of 2019, 60% were related with marriage and domestic difference. The year of 2019 witnessed a rise in calls for later-marriage, re-marriage among seniors and depression, which deserved an attention from the professional group for consultation, as it was certainly a reflection of a community around us.

During the meeting, participants enjoyed a heated discussion over difficult cases they came across. Wu Yitao, excellent in psychological consultation, shared with the participants his best cases and personal gaining, which left the participants with a deep impression.