Proposals Ready to be Handed Over to the Coming Plenary Sessions


SWF hosted a News Release in the morning of January 8, during which, Weng Wenlei, vice chairperson of SWF briefed the correspondents that SWF was ready to present to the local Congress and CPPCC Shanghai six proposals to suggest the local government to enhance livelihood and reinforce an over-all designing with an attention given to women's legal right protection, domestic service, family education and psychological consultation to youngsters.

Shanghai birth rate was on a rise in recent days since the second-child policy issued across the nation. According to research findings from SWF did in 2019 to support child- nursing at families, it said that child-nursing at families was confronted with the following complains as 43.8% clients visited giving up to have the second child, owning to shortage of hands to look after the second child, 62.375 of clients visited worrying their parents too old to help with the second child. Further, it said that more career women were upset about their career development affected and higher expectation from families after the second birth. Based on the findings, SWF suggested as follows:

Firstly, promote day-care service at community to benefit great majority of households at reasonable price and provide families with follow-up services on child-nursing in a correct way.

Secondly, call for a family nursing leave by combining maternity leave with accompanying leave for spouses, in a word, 182 days for the combined maternity leave instead of 138 days, in which no less than 30 days leave offered to spouses.

Thirdly, turn an award for one-child family into one for families of birth-planning to encourage families to bear child according to the state policy.

Fourthly, enhance social insurance based on household and cut down taxes related to reduce family burden in child-nursing.

The Code for Women Legal Rights Protection in PRC in action now was approved on December 8, 1994, and revised twice in 1997 and 2007. However, it could hardly match changes taken place in the past 12 years as the national social and economic development reached its high light and laws, codes in other areas were revised as required. For the above-mentioned reasons, SWF suggested a revision again for updating the code.

In addition, SWF suggested updating the Code for domestic service with gender angle, when ready, to ensure service-women their legal rights well protected. SWF furthered its suggestions to initiate a network for psychological consultation in the benefit of youngster at community, setup more platforms to provide women with an equal access to employment and government authority with an approach for an inspection and punishment,when sex discrimination taken place and establish a mechanism to take care of those children under 18 years old who were lack of custody in fact.