The Best-Ten Woman-Related News' 2019 Disclosed

Together with Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) initiated an issue to assess and disclose the Best-Ten Woman-Related News of the year since 2016, which has caught attention of the public for years and become a brand among services SWF offered to the public.

Thanks to contributions from selection, votes from specialists from media and evaluation from professionals concerned and based on their relationship with gender, popularity and political influence, Best-Ten News of 2019 were disclosed, which were a news on white paper issued by the State Council on advancement of women course in the past 70 years since PRC founded, a news on Chinese Women-Volleyball-Team honored the 10th World Champion and etc. The Best-Ten News'2019 covered a wide area as to recognize contributions career women made, call for legal rights for women and children protected and praise images of women in networking era.