Female Speakers from Local Congress and CPPCC Shanghai Prepared for the Coming Meetings


On December 26, SWF hosted a meeting to prepare female delegates and members from the local congress and CPPCC Shanghai for the coming plenary sessions. SWF Chairperson Xu Feng chaired the meeting with 20 delegates and members attended together with SWF staff.

Pan Weihong, chief of SWF Administration briefed the audience that SWF was ready to hand over 7 proposals to the coming plenary sessions and asked for comments from the audience at the meeting. Xu Liping, a delegate for four shifts of the local Congress, Wang Qiushi and others both from the local and nation-wide Congress and CPPCC recognized feasibility of the proposal drafts prepared by SWF and suggested to have a group discussion on the drafts related.

After a heated discussion, audience reached at the following consensus that proposal drafts on support to families baring the second child, setting up psychological consulting service at communities for children and etc. were excellent for their prompt response to the local needs and feasible possibility for action once they were accepted. The other proposal drafts as provision of insurance for child-nursing and anti-domestic violence were perfected with a help from the audience thanks to their professional knowledge.