Themed CPC Day Initiated among Two CPC Branches


On December 30, CPC members from Dept. of Legal Right Protection attached to SWF went to Zhi-He Law Firm to share with each other a themed CPC Day. Xu Feng, chairperson of SWF was present at the event.

Xu extended her thanks to female lawyers for their generous contribution to a free-charged legal consultation offered by SWF. She urged her staff to learn from female lawyers in the service. Xu enjoyed her career ever related with legal service and commented that law was closely connected with citizens in their daily life, all jobs were great, as long as they were related with laws and regardless where you were and what you did.

She furthered that in the past years, SWF was always in the forefront to speak for women and ensure their legal rights protected, together with female lawyer group and volunteers. Xu hoped that in the days to come, strengths of both groups could be combined to bring about a better environment available for women in the city.

Hong Liang, director of Zhi-He Law Firm gave an introduction to the Firm and stated that the Firm was ready to become a link to SWF in a battle of protection of legal rights for women. Xu Song-ting in charge of free legal consultation service, shared her knowledge about the female lawyer group for its free-of-charge consultation. The others shared their program on CPC issues with the coming visitors. The themed CPC Day left the both side a memorable impression. Both groups agreed to have more collaborations in the days to come.

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