"SWF Chronicle" Assessed


In accordance with the order from the local government concerning editing chronicles, Shanghai Women’s Federation (SWF) was entrusted to edit SWF Chronicles, a part of Chronicles for Non-governmental Organizations in Shanghai.

It initiated from March of 2013 and officially started from December of 2016. Under the guidance of the Authority for Local Chronicles, SWF succeeded in handing over a SWF Chronicles draft with a count of 1.6 million words, which covered SWF foot-prints in the past 33 years, along with the national drive for opening-up to the outside world and reform. The Chronicles was consisted of 15 chapters such as chapters for pictures, general introduction, important issues and etc.

On December 30, SWF initiated a pre-assessment on SWF Chronicles. All assessors came to a conclusion that SWF Chronicles enjoyed its complete and well-balanced framework supported by a clear-cut divisions, enormous and colorful contents and well-polished words and phrases. The Chronicles itself witnessed Shanghai women status in her advancement since open-door and reform policy implemented, together with women organizations, SWF’s involvement in protecting women from their legal rights being infringed and leading career women to be active in the local economic and social development. The assessors commented that the Chronicles correctly reflected a history of women's advancement, which left us with a treasure of literature, worthy for reference. The Chronicles needed to be undergone next procedure for assessment and ready to be published by August of 2020., deputy Head of the Dept. followed up to elaborate on plan for further enhancement of centers by dealing with challenges and making counter measures.

After the meeting, all participants observed a center operation in Changning District.