SWF HR Staff Trained for Better


Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) hosted a training in benefit of its HR staff at Jiaotong University on December 26-27. Based on better understanding main ideas of instructions left from the 4th Plenary Session, 19th CPC Congress, summing-up of 2019 and planning for year of 2020 were subjects to be covered during the training.

Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson of SWF was at the training and made a speech as well. 55 HR staff from various circles were main body for the training.

In her speech, Sun stressed three points as follows: Firstly, urged the staff to raise their political consciousness and mainstream women affairs into CPC workplan. Secondly, urged the staff to carry out their work in line with main tasks assigned by the government and CPC. Thirdly, urged the staff to pay more attention to roles and system development, while diversifying work methods to enhance their ability and efficiency.

Professors from Jiaotong University shared with HR staff their research gain concerning social governance at New Era, and internet, big data Vs social governance. Besides, HR staff at the training went to visit an experimental center with its service to senior citizens and had a meeting to discuss heated topics as organization development, development of sites and contingent and ideas on deepening reform and counter-measure.