Charity Program Extended to Children in Difficulty


On December 21, Shanghai Center for Child-Raising, together with Center for Child-Adoption Guidance in Pudong District, hosted a charity program to please children adopted at Nanhui Township.

It was registered the second service for "Younger Volunteers". Under guidance of SWF staff, "younger Volunteers" went among 50 children adopted to share with them seasonal greetings and affection.

Group dance--"Dance high" kicked off a celebration at the very moment. A group of "younger volunteers" presented a series of performance as violins, flute solo and accordion coupled with dance and poem-reading. Children adopted brought to the audience their performance as solo, poem-reading and Hu-Lu-Si solo. The celebration was ended with a chorus "My Motherland and Me", which led the celebration to reach its height.was diversified, which consisted of, not only lessons of theories related, but also opportunities for practice. Nurses at training were guided to simulate a nursery day for kids of 2 to 3 against philosophy taught, environment created and evaluation organized later afterwards. The training presented as the above-mentioned certainly provided nurses with a better knowledge to survive nursing career tomorrow.