Seminar Held to Have Important Issues Discussed


Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) held its seminar On December 24 to discuss over an instruction left from President Xi during his stay in Shanghai, main ideas of the 4th Plenary Session of CPC 19th Congress and plan for year of 2020. SWF Chairperson Xu Feng hosted the seminar with her staff from the headquarter, subdivisions and women leaders from all trades present at the site.

At the Seminar, staff presented their papers to cover three topics as upholding policy for equity between men and women, giving a full play to roles of family education and family tradition and moral in the social governance at grassroots and establishment of combined warning mechanism to dissolve social contradiction and conflicts. SWF leaders presented their statements each as well at the seminar.

Xu highly commented all presentations and put forward her suggestions as follows:

While implementing orders and tasks left over from the 4th Plenary Session. 19th CPC Congress, staff should focus on development of orders and systems to enhance women and children's advancement from the very beginning. Secondly, while upgrading their political consciousness, staff should carry out their fundamental function to protect woman's legal rights from being infringed. Xu stressed in the end, that SWF should inspire women to listen to CPC’s instruction and follow CPC’s footsteps and devote itself to women advancement cause to enhance equity between men and women and women's advancement in all round way and etc.