Nurses for Community Day-care Service Trained


Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) sponsored a training course for senior nurses at community day-care service on December 11-13. 56 nurses from community nurseries and centers for day-care guidance were trained.

Zhang Junli, in charge of family and child affairs, SWF made an orientation together with Mao Hong-mei in charge of Center for Guidance for Day-care Service, who urged nurses under training to have a better understanding of importance of the career and seek for their qualification upgraded, so as to ensure families satisfying with day-care service at community.

The curriculum for the training was diversified, which consisted of, not only lessons of theories related, but also opportunities for practice. Nurses at training were guided to simulate a nursery day for kids of 2 to 3 against philosophy taught, environment created and evaluation organized later afterwards. The training presented as the above-mentioned certainly provided nurses with a better knowledge to survive nursing career tomorrow.