Community Civilization Enhancement Assessed


SWF hosted a meeting to assess an issue as Centers of Guidance for Family Civilization Enhancement on December 10. SWF Vice Chairperson Liu Qi was present at the meeting together with staff from SWF, Civil Affairs Authority and Office for City Civilization both at city and district levels.

Liu mentioned in her speech that enhancement of centers at New era meant a lot, which could be a tool to implement President Xi's instruction by paying an attention to families, family education and family moral and tradition in which, SWF might well be of two roles. What was more centers could be used as extended arms for SWF to reach social governance and platform to enhance the drive "Happiness and Safety for all Families".

Liu said in her second point, based on 15 years of practice, centers gained enough experiences to get it formalized. Liu furthered that centers should execute services as engineers did their projects, one by one and down to the earth.

Gu Xiujuan, head of Dept. of Family and Children Affairs,SWF made her presentation to cover topics as what center was, what it should do, how to do and etc. Cai Hongxia, deputy Head of the Dept. followed up to elaborate on plan for further enhancement of centers by dealing with challenges and making counter measures.

After the meeting, all participants observed a center operation in Changning District.