Child-Friendly Community Caught by CPPCC


A research tour to Jiading was organized by CPPCC Women Circle to observe child-friendly community project.

SWF Chairperson Xu Feng and Vice Chairperson Sun Mei'e, vice chairperson, together with Zhu Hui, deputy director of Division for Social Governance by Law, CPPCC attended the tour.Ms. Weng Wenlei, Member of Standing Committee, Hostess of Women Circle, CPPCC hosted the tour and discussion.

Xu pointed out at her address that an indicator for civilized township was judged by its attitude towards its senior citizens and youngers. Based on an understanding that children are the future of their nations, Shanghai city should do more to benefit child growth, while striving to turn it into an international metropolitan. Citizens should cherish children's involvement in community affairs by listening to their voice and understand their needs and offer them opportunity to use their legal authority.

She added that family education was important as well which was a channel to pass on family tradition and moral. Protection of child legal right was indispensable, as it was an indicator to a community's civilization. SWF was ready to give an intense attention to those who suffered from autism, postpartum depression and AD in the year of 2020.

CPPCC members on the tour visited a couple of sites as Center of Guidance for Women & Children Service at Jiading District and Nanxiang Child-friendly Township, where CPPCC members observed community program and questioned the community its efforts in child-friendly enhancement.

The tour had a meeting afterwards, at which women workers at grassroots briefed the CPPCC members their practices in setting up Child-Friendly Community. CPPCC members responded and made some suggestion as philosophy on child priority should be backed up without any hesitation; hardware for the project could be easily done, while software demanding more attention and picture-books on the National Constitution should be developed to help children to get familiar with ideas of democratic consultation.