Dramas on Child-nursing Toured at Schools

A drama tour to schools was held at Shanghai Broadcasting Building on November 16. Sun Meie, vice chairperson of SWF together with Zhu Qianwei from the local Commission for Advancement of Women and Children attended the opening. Over a hundred children, teachers and SWF staff were present at the event.

Children from 11 schools presented their dramas on subjects of environmental protection, cherishing a wonderful school life and etc. The dramas were developed by children themselves, including selection of subjects, scripts writing and performance. It was a good practice again to enhance children's involvement in the local economic and social life, since a children-hosted Forum on Making My Voice Heard last year. The word came that 400 schoolers were involved in drama development at 12 schools with 50 scripts turned out eventually, which was inducive to children enhancement in making decision and participation in community life.

SWF issued a document to call for 50 model communities set up to support a Child-Friendly Community project by the end of 2020. Up to now, 77 townships in Shanghai applied to bid the project.